Please make sure you read our terms and conditions before booking, but here are some key points: 


Keys Points for your Segway Tour

No age Restrictions

We don't impose any age restrictions and have had people in their 90's segway with us. If you can stand-up and lean for an hour then there's no reason why you can't segway! 

We do have weight restrictions. The minimum weight for safety reasons is 7 st or 45Kg and the maximum weight is 17.5 st or 115Kg  


We are often asked if we still operate if it rains. Well if we didn't we wouldn't have a business so yes we do as long as it is safe to do so. Segway is great fun in any weather as long as you dress appropraitely.  

What to wear

The best advice we can give you is dress for the weather. Segway gliding can be cooler than you think so bring extra layers of clothes and even gloves.

Be prepared for changes to the weather, bring some waterproofs if you have them, but if you haven't don't worry we do have spare kit just in case.

No open toed shoes, sandals or flip flops. Trainers, normal flat shoes, walking boots or even wellies will be fine.