Cliffhanger Rooms and Lakeland Segway are trading names of Lakeland Experiences Ltd. This Privacy Policy applies to both.

Lakeland Experiences Ltd is the data controller for Cliffhanger Rooms and Lakeland Segway.

Lakeland Experiences Ltd registered office:

Lakeland Segway

Cartmel Car Park


Grange over Sands

LA11 8QB



This policy sets out how and what information we hold, how we process your data, who we share it with and your options.

What types of personal data do we use?

When making a booking with us as a minimum we require your name, contact telephone number and an email address. This information allows us to confirm your booking by email and allows us to contact you by phone if required.

Address information is not compulsory when making a booking but if provided it allows us to collect data on the geographic locations of our customers. We do not intend to use your address to write or post marketing literature, but it does allow us to post Gift Vouchers should you request us to do so.

When paying by bank card over the phone or online, we will collect your card details and cardholder information via our 3rd Party Payment Provider called Stripe.

Where will we collect personal data from?

When making a booking, online via our websites, over the telephone or face to face at one of our locations, your data is entered on to Resova which is our current 3rd Party Booking Software. No written records are kept.

For more information on Resova please refer to their own Privacy Policy.             Resova Privacy Policy

At the point you are asked to make a payment, you are diverted to our Payment Provider called Stripe.                                                                                               Stripe Privacy Policy and both have valid SSL certificates issued to Lakeland Experiences Ltd.

Both websites are hosted by a Third-Party Company.

Who do we share your data with?

We only share your data with MailChimp our email marketing company when you have given us permission to do so. You can opt out of this at any time.

MailChimp Privacy Policy

Other than Resova, Stripe and MailChimp we do not share your data with any other companies.

Access is given to the minimal level for staff to actively perform in their roles. Access is secured with a username and password access needed to view data.

How do we use your data?

We use your data to manage our bookings and diary system, to process payments and if you opted in to marketing emails, we will also send you emails of news and special offers.

How to contact us

Call 01539 261000 for Lakeland Segway and 01229 846727 for Cliffhanger Rooms.

Website Contact Form

Both of our websites have a contact form and this contact form can be used as a point of contact. Information entered into the contact form with agreement to the privacy notice means a member of our team will be able to contact you to discuss your booking / enquiry further:

The information we will ask for, so we can get in contact with you is:

·         Name

·         Phone Number

·         Email

·         Message

This information is the minimum we require.

News and Special Offers

Only if you have opted into marketing via our websites our when making your booking will you receive emails about news or special offers.

We do not sell, trade or transfer data to third parties other than MailChimp, Facebook, twitter and Instagram which are all used for the purpose of advertising

Subject Access Request (SAR)

A Subject Access Request can be made by any data subject. Lakeland Experiences Ltd will comply with these requests as soon as possible after the identity of the data subject has been confirmed.

To make an SAR with Lakeland Experiences Ltd please direct your request via email to: with the subject line “Subject Access Request” and please provide as much information as possible to aid us in performing this task.

We have provided a link to the ICO guidelines on Subject Access Requests below.

If you have any questions or queries towards the Data Controller (Lakeland Experiences Ltd) please contact the office via the email address above.